100% Natural & Organic Pain Relief Cream 

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Why Sanaya is so Effective!

he human skin is the largest organ in our body. We normally don’t see our skin as an organ, but it is. So anytime you apply anything to your skin, your skin absorbs it.

Whether good or bad, if you put it on your skin it  penetrates to the cells in your body. So knowing this fact, why not treat your skin to natural ingredients that will not only heal your dry irritated skin but can also be beneficial to your tired and aching muscles.

The 12 essential oils in Sanaya, are 100% Certified Organic.  We blend These 12 essential oils,  which contain anti-inflammation properties into a base lotion that is 100%  natural.

Many skin care products and pain relieving creams in the market place use unnatural preservatives.  Not Sanaya, our base lotion is preserved with Lactobacillus Ferment in other words Probiotics. Furthermore, we do not use silicones in Sanay to provide that “luxurious” feel or glide.

Lastly, we use several oils that are also great for Aromatherapy which means your skin will smell great and your mind and body will relax with the Aromatherapy scent of Sanaya.

So why is Sanaya so effective?

1.  All Natural Base Lotion – great for dry irritated skin
2.  Essential Oils with Anti-inflammation properties
3.  Fresh Aromatherapy scent – to relax the mind and body

The result is a highly effective pain relief cream!

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